Reindustrializing and relocating pharmaceutical activities in Europe: The Impact of Hapster

Challenges and reconquest of the Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry is in the midst of a major recession, and with it a wave of large-scale recruitment.

Challenges of Pharmaceutical relocation in Europe

How can we attract the necessary talent and prepare production systems to meet the future challenges of relocation and transfer of activities?

Demand for professional skills such as line operators, quality controllers and technicians will continue to grow. In this unprecedented context, Hapster enables pharmaceutical companies to map their know-how, capture it and pass it on effectively.

Training and Skills: The Hapster Solution

A high-performance on-the-job training system is built on a company’s human capital. To develop an organization’s capacity to train new talent, what better way than to draw on the expertise and mastery of existing operational staff?

Training strategy for the 'Line Operator' profession

The use of the Hapster solution in the “Line Operator” training process is both strategic and essential, as it enables us to combine regulatory constraints and operating procedures with professional gestures.

Towards successful relocation: Hapster's Key Role

By ensuring a robust and effective training system, pharmaceutical companies meet their growing need for skills and develop new competitive advantages essential for successful relocation.